Monday, February 28, 2011

The Week that was

Feb 14th to the 19th was suppose to be the time where Jordan clarke, Ben Wannamaker and myself had a trip to kicking horse but due to a last minute cancellation we stay at home in Whistler. At First it was a huge blow to the week but in every negative comes a positive and this week turned into one hell of a positive.

This week Started on the Sunday the 13th, Rachel Findler and myself went out and tried to beat the lines, at the top solar coaster around 9 and went straight to cafe cliffs where Rachel was itching to Huck her carcass .

After fighting the lines we found our self's farming the snow and ended up in cancer man which was pretty tracked out but that didn't stop Rachel. I tell you when this girl has something on her mind nothing is going to stop her.

Sunday came to a end quite quickly after the 30min lines got the best of us. Monday was a bust due to a random call into work but money is money. Tuesday or Stuesday was a awesome day with Ben Wannamker and Myles Ransom. After a few soul runs we went right to Crystal and waited a short 10minutes for the chair to crack,

 right to CBC and the bangers were being unleashed from both. Myles with Jeremy Jones lookalike turns and Ben was jumping off everything 

The 16th was a fresh tracks day where my roommate BG ( Brendan Gordon)and i went up and well it just one those days where you want to stop and shoot but there is something in the back of your mind that is saying just enjoy this one today and that is what i did until harmony Cracked. BG had to take off just before and then i was able to drag Rachel out and she was not disappointed. face shots!

Thursday turned out to be just another banger day with 31 more cm to add on top of the 2.5ft we had gotten during the week.
Friday was the last of our 5 day Vacation and Friday did not let us down, 21 more cms to add up to 212cms for the week . Just to keep Friday nice and simple we kept it mellow on Harmony all day with natural take offs and blower turns.

Cab 180 Japan
                                                                               the End (er)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ketchn' up

The 2009-2010 was pretty much the best year Ive lived. It all started with a record snowfall in November 560cm's couldn't ask for a better opening month.      

Following the incredible dumpage along came the Olympics where Canada as you know killed it with 14 gold , 7 silver and 5 bronze medals. People would say that the gold medal from the Men's hockey game is the greatest moment in Canadian history, I'm not going to argue with this but i would like to say if it weren't for Alex Bilodeau's golden cork 1080 the Olympics wouldn't have been the same. 

While everyone in the world was glued to the TV watching the worlds best athletes, whistler locals myself include went out to the vacant mountain. no lines just pow lines.

The tail end of February  found myself along side Whistler locals Ben Wannamaker, Mack Jones , Dane Degruyter, Carl Fortin, Mike Ness and Liam Casey also PYP Pat King and Plenty Soul Ben Cator to hemlock ski resort a stones throw from Rossland B.C. I could bore you with my words or you could read the  free flowing words of Mr. Wannamaker.

Telus Fest 2010 was a wet one. Id say the highlight would be Mack Jones throwing the biggest flat 3 in the the Orage masters dress as the one the only Toad.

I tried to keep this quick and simple so please stay tuned for new and exciting post.


Welcome to Stuesday

Ya you got it yet another blog site. I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Why start a blog well why not. Ive been sitting around trying to get a website up for a while now and due to lack of funds I've been unable to get one started so Ive decided to start a blog and the best part of this is that its FREE. So without further ado I welcome you to Stuesday