Sunday, February 12, 2012

King Of The Rail Feb 11

Ben Wannamaker and I checked out the King of the rail jam saturday night. Ben walked away with a pair of Atomic skis. Also met up with local Sam Schrader who was killing it per usual.
Ben Wannamaker

Ben Wannamaker

Sam Schrader

Monday, February 6, 2012

Park days

First day up shooting on Blackcomb this season ended up with these . Id like to be on the mountain a lot more but this year but i went the no pass route and i guess well find out how that goes by the end.

Ben Wannamaker

Ben Wannamaker

Ben Wannamaker

Dan degruyter 

Mack Jones

ohh the blog life

The blogger i am not thats the truth.  So im not going to promise daily or weekly updates but im going try this again. Heres a little update since my last entery pretty much a year ago . I got hooked up with 2 of the best jobs you can get in Whistler. First was Powder Mountain Cat/heli Skiing and the second is Mountain bike photographer for Camp of Champions.

Here is a quick photo recap of my summer with COC (Camp of Champions)

Jack Fogelquist- Sumo Flipwhip

Jack Fogelquist and Brendan Howe 

Jack Folgelquist

Alan Hepburn

                           Justin Whyper                                                       Justin Whyper

Reece Wallace



Rob Dunnet (mom)


Sam Dueck Crankworkz


Camp A
 The Legands Brett Tippe and Ken Achenbach

Rob Dunnet

Andrew Taylor

Jarrett Moore

Nic Genovese

Nick Moore

Jack and Jarrett  

Nick and Jarrett

Paul Genovese