Tuesday, March 27, 2012


A story by Ben Wannamaker about a trip to White Water ben and myself were suppose to go on. Due to a last minutes transportation issue we decide to stay in whistler and enjoy our town to the fullest. 

Thanks to Ben and Doglotion  


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Full moon

In Whistler when people hear the phrase "Theres a Full Moon Tonight" usually that means drugs, sex and dubstep. Its not to often you hear folks talking about full moon shred unless you know a Cat driver on Whistler Blackcomb or own a sled.  Jordan Hefkey, Bailey Mitchell and myself chased the spot light in the sky to Cypress Mountain range. 

Stewart Medford Photo
Jordan Hefkey - Stewart Medford Photo
 Stewart Medford Photo
 Bailey Mitchell - Stewart Medford Photo
  Bailey Mitchell - Stewart Medford Photo

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Deep day at Powder Mountain Cat Skiing

The Snow keeps on coming at Powder Mountain Cat/Heli Skiing

 Stewart Medford Photo

 Stewart Medford Photo

Window Shopping

 When out to Seagrams on February 23 with Jordan Clarke , Mike Ness, Flo Goeller and Christian Graf.
Most people on their day off sleep in, watch TV , read books and go for a relaxing shred on the mt. This bunch of guys did the complete opposite up at 5am and on sleds by 630. After arrival at Seagrams lake we had 1 jump and a couple cliffs ready for assault but the sun god had a different plans for us. After a few hours of grey bird and stoke diminishing we decide to check out a pillow line. It was looking pretty glum around 2pm but instead of leaving there empty handed we got a shot of the pillow line. The sun god must have been watching because he/she decided to open up the skies. Along side the sun Mike,Flo,Christian and Jordan all unleashed hammers . Heres a couple shots and a teaser by Jordan Clake of what when't down.

 730 top of Cypress Photo:Christian Graf
Jordan Clake - Stewart Medford Photo
Jordan Clake - Stewart Medford Photo
 Mike Ness - Stewart Medford Photo
 Christian Graf - Stewart Medford Photo

 Flo Goeller - Stewart Medford Photo

Jordan Clake - Stewart Medford Photo

 Mike Ness -  Stewart Medford Photo
 Flo Goeller
Christian Graf -  Stewart Medford Photo

Video by Jordan Clake