Sunday, March 4, 2012

Window Shopping

 When out to Seagrams on February 23 with Jordan Clarke , Mike Ness, Flo Goeller and Christian Graf.
Most people on their day off sleep in, watch TV , read books and go for a relaxing shred on the mt. This bunch of guys did the complete opposite up at 5am and on sleds by 630. After arrival at Seagrams lake we had 1 jump and a couple cliffs ready for assault but the sun god had a different plans for us. After a few hours of grey bird and stoke diminishing we decide to check out a pillow line. It was looking pretty glum around 2pm but instead of leaving there empty handed we got a shot of the pillow line. The sun god must have been watching because he/she decided to open up the skies. Along side the sun Mike,Flo,Christian and Jordan all unleashed hammers . Heres a couple shots and a teaser by Jordan Clake of what when't down.

 730 top of Cypress Photo:Christian Graf
Jordan Clake - Stewart Medford Photo
Jordan Clake - Stewart Medford Photo
 Mike Ness - Stewart Medford Photo
 Christian Graf - Stewart Medford Photo

 Flo Goeller - Stewart Medford Photo

Jordan Clake - Stewart Medford Photo

 Mike Ness -  Stewart Medford Photo
 Flo Goeller
Christian Graf -  Stewart Medford Photo

Video by Jordan Clake 

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